Just a few quotes from my happy customers…

“To anyone who is looking for a Pilates instructor please look no further than Kate. This time last year I was bedridden in back pain on holiday in Greece, unable to move and worried on how I was going to get home. Then I found Kate. 12 months on, and back on holiday, I have enjoyed the full movement of long walks and dancing. Don’t get me wrong – it’s been hard work and commitment of going every week building yourself up, protecting yourself, and understanding why you are doing certain moves all explained by Kate. Fantastic teacher and friend. Trust me it has been well worth it.”


“Thanks for keeping me moving this year – I’d have literally been stuck without our weekly sessions.”


“I’ve been attending Kate’s classes for the last 3 years.

Kate’s classes are welcoming, supportive and she makes the classes fun. Each week there are different exercises to build your strength and confidence.

Kate is very informative and her knowledge of human anatomy is exceptional, she will explain what muscles you are using and way it helps to build strength.  Kate will always demonstrate a new movement and if its unsuitable for some, she will find an alternative approach for you.

Kate is a most caring and supportive teacher.”


“I wasn’t a Pilates novice when I first began taking lessons with Kate but I had shoulder, knee and back issues which I thought I would just have to live with. I soon realised that her very knowledgeable clinical approach, which draws on different styles of Pilates, targeted my needs precisely with exercises which have been remarkably effective at improving every aspect of my flexibility and mobility…and her brilliant good humour in the lessons is a real encouragement! Thanks a million.”


“I so enjoy my Pilates classes with Kate and feel since attending that my flexibility has much improved. Kate keeps herself up to date researching new moves and techniques to keep the classes fresh. Kate also gives options to doing different levels in more challenging moves meaning the classes are for all abilities.”


“Kate delivers a well structured, challenging lesson every week. A lot of thought goes into which bits of your body are going to be stretched during the session. It can move bits of me that have not moved for years.”


“I really enjoy Kate’s pilates classes. Kate is a fantastic teacher, always gives clear instructions which are easy to follow and she will check you are doing exercised correctly. She is passionate, knowledgeable and her classes are full of warmth. I have also had 1-2-1 lessons and Kate has helped me massively with some post surgery complications. Thank you Kate.”